Northwest Coast art Notable artists

Notable Northwest Coast artists of the 19th century include- Albert Edward Edenshaw (Haida), Captain Carpenter (Heiltsuk), Willie Seaweed (Kwakwak’wakw), Charles Edenshaw, who is widely acknowledged as a master whose art is in all the great collections around the world.

Also Guujaaw, another notable carver and builder who is also Haida political leader. Other notable Northwest Coast artists of the 20th and 21st centuries include Charlie James, Henry Speck, Doug Cranmer, Stanley George, James Schoppert, Bill Reid, Mungo Martin, Ellen Neel, Robert Davidson, Beau Dick, Willie Seaweed, Roy Henry Vickers, Don Yeomans, Amos Wallace, Lyle Wilson, Ron Hamilton, Art Thompson, Joe David, Reginald Peterson, Freda Diesing, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, and Tony Hunt.

Notable art historians and thinkers

Grave Marker, Gwa’sala Kwakwaka’wakw (Native American), late 19th century, Brooklyn Museum.

Notable academics and publishers of northwest Northwest Coast include Bill Holm, Bill Reid, Hilary Stewart, Bill McLennan, Martha Black, and George F. MacDonald. Doreen Jensen and Polly Sargent’s book Robes of Power (1986) deals with ceremonial robes – called Button blanket – and their history and forms. Cheryl Samuel and her book The Raven’s Tail (1987) describes northern weaving style known as Raven’s Tail – used to make ceremonial robes and other regalia.

Emily Carr, though she did not formally adopt the techniques, commonly used native art as the motif of many of her early paintings.

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