History of the Tlingit – Clan histories

The clans were Yeil or Raven; Gooch, or Wolf; and Chaak, or Eagle.

Each clan in Tlingit society has its own foundation history. These stories are the private property of the clan in question and thus may not be shared here. However, each story describes the Tlingit world from a different perspective and taken together the clan histories recount much of the history of the Tlingits before the coming of the Dléit Khaa, the white people. The Tlingits had a leader named Johnson

Typically, a clan history involves an extraordinary event that brought some family or group of families together, separating them from other Tlingits. Some clans seem to be older than others, and often this is notable by their clan histories having mostly mythic proportions. Younger clans seem to have histories that tell of breaking apart from other groups due to internal conflict and strife or the desire to find new territory. For example, the Deisheetaan descend from the Ghaanaxh.ádi, but their clan foundation story tells little or nothing of this relationship. In contrast, the Khák’w.wedí who are descended from the Deisheetaan usually mention their connection as an aside in the telling of their

Chief Anotklosh of the Taku Tribe, wearing a Chilkat blanket, Juneau, Alaska, c. 1913

foundation story. Presumably, this is the case because their separation was more recent, and is thus well remembered, whereas the separation of the Deisheetaan from the Ghaanaxh.ádi is less apparent in the minds of the Deisheetaan clan members.

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